Kapitel 3: Liveless, Godless,Hopeless

everythings the same,
as long as i got you,
as long as they lend me their arms,
i can protect them,
may resurrect them,
from all grief and all sorrow,
I'll give them a tomorrow.
My Friends,
without you,
I would die,
because of that,
I say goodbye,
to all bad feelings,
I feel now,
and I take a 

Full of hate,
we all stayed, 
just to see you die,
sea of flames,
lakes of Blood,
just the person you just shot.
Now I stand at your grave,
and I feel what i never felt,
love for you,
hate against me,
regret about the things,
I've done to all of you,
but I can't get them undone,
so now I'll do,
what you have done before I came over you,
I was a traitor, 
now I'm a savior.
I help the people,
always thinking about you,
always apologizing that i let you go away.
I love you,
but not like love,
more like the sister,
I never had.
You are my engine,
your thoughts my fuel,
and your grave my shrine that brings me near to enlightment.
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