Kapitel 5: Love is illusion

I know what I feel,
as clear as pure water,
my hearts beating for many,
thats such a bother.
There's one person,
just one of a kind,
thats going straight forward,
straight through my own mind.
In fact it's a group,
I'm talking about,
In love I fell,
In despair I shout.
I hate the world,
and the devil flies by,
I fly up to him,
scream to the World:


Crying out loud,
to the moonlight high,
I can't let you go,
I can't tell you why.
YOu're there for me in my darkest Hour. 
I thank for your help,
I thank for your Power.

Only One Person can make me shiver,
´for only one human,
I would cross the River.

You are always there, 
my dearest Friend.
protective like a bear,
that's what this poem meant.

Now your drying my tears,
still dying of sorrow.
You're words make Happy,
but I'm still feeling my fears.
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