Kapitel 9: Like burning Ice

Like burning Ice, 
I feel the warmth,
But i won't melt.
I give warmth,
while being ice-cold.
It's strange to be the only thing that can keep you here.
But I'm glad i can help anyone.
Blood leads my wishes.
Your blood,
not to waste it to others.
For eternity mine.
My purity. 
My pure thing, that keeps me from killing everyone.
Don't leave me.
Without you,
I'M useless.
Without you, 
I'm Spam.
With you,
I'm sensitive and nice,
I'm social and warm.
Wit my live.
Alone I'm cold.
Like now.
Like always.
I hate it it is the most lonely day i ever lived, but it's getting worse, more
bad than it ever was. And it's rare to be here.
I hate it.
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