Kapitel 6: Metal is my live

Punk is dead,
metal is alive.
Feel the Steel,
pulsing in the veins,
living on the Trip,
always high on Shit,
Crack, weed and so much more,
Power from the Dealer.

Energy is my Live.
I felt the Might of Adrenalin.
But nothing more.
I'll stay pure. 
Not a bit will make my Blood flow faster.
Only my own strength will lie in my arms.

The Metal in me is coming to the Outside.
Headbanger they Shout.
And I Shout back.
"Hell, YEAH, I Use my HEad against the evil."
Tears are flowing down my face.
Red Tears of Blood.
Collapsing on the Dance Floor. 
Without Power.
Without glory.
Just me.
My Incredible Might gone away.
Powerless in the Arms of my friends.
Die from the poison of love.
Crying in vain.
Hating myself.
Feeling the stomps of thousands.
Marching this earth.
Energy is pusling.
Their Energy.
Full of Hate.
But at least I'm forced by this Power.
I Hate it,
but it is my Engine.
The Thing i need.
You are my target.
I am marching to you.
You will surrender.
You will love me.
You will be mine.
And Your only love will be me.
What a masochistic Idiot I am.

And so the lamb felt in love with the lion.
What a sadistic lion.
What a masochistic lamb.

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