Nummero Uno

The feelings of Live

The love and the hate, are vanished in the shade.

Glamour and fame means nothing but pain.

I am what i am, there’s nothing to do. I am what i am, i’m living for You.

To live an to die,I hear you are back. I’m fading away, it’s getting all black.

Sorrow and tears are blown away,blown at walls that seem to be grey.

I’m a wanderer in my own mind, a stranger to me, there’s nothing to find.

Religion spreads like pidgeons do. The live is full of it and totally blue. It must be stopped from growing like that, otherwise we all soon be dead.

The Puppeteer is here. Don’t shed a tear. Stand strong and believe, i’m just a Thief

Demon of Life, cold as Ice,hot as fire, only my desire.

The Life ist the Filth, before the Beauty of the Afterlife comes through it and raises it to ultimate Enlightment.

While your heart ist beating your soul is beaten by your Love. Kill her and your Soul will be freed. Let her be, and you will be slaved by your fears and expectations of Love, and you won’t live like you did before.

Love can help, but the most times it destroys more than it created. Don’t fall in love, before you don’t know if you can trust your love.

Devil of purity, clean my life, destroy the sorrows and give me life.

I fought against the tears and i won against my fears. Now there is life and beauty in my spheres, but i won’t forget my Life of Tears.

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