Kapitel 4: Left

I were left,
i mean no harm,
i just want to live on,
without the pain i feel because of you.
Summers may come,
winters may go,
spring and autumn,
i don't need them,
I feel lonely,
burning in desire,
you held me,
and lit my fire.
Now you pretend to be someone else,
someone that has never felt like i did,
you lie there.
I can feel your feelings,
i can feel you do like me more than you pretend.
I'm just living,
but at the moment i don't know,
how i should do it.
You kill me every moment you leave me,
every time you think about it,
i nearly die.
I'm dying now.
And you,
you look at me and you are happy that i feel pain.
You are sadistic.
But thats the way,
you like it.

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