Kapitel 2: New Hope

Her mind has changed,
she is the best thing,
that could happen to me,
she goes under my skin,
bad feelings are gone,
and tehy won't come back, 
cause what she does to me is,
more than i can feel,
but thanks to her my feelings spread,
i lay in her Bed,
i was too happy to do something wrong, 
i just kissed her and it went along. 
Yes, you may kill me if you read this, 
but that's,
what i was inspired of your kiss,
You hope you get me,
help you with your feelings,
but at first i must understand mine to you,
because you are my love, but i love you to much to hurt you,
and the other one's loves you too less,
to serve your needs.
That's why i wrote this text.
Good Night my LOVE.
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