Kapitel 1: Poetry of Love

My Leader,
My Leader,
i tried to be there,
i wasn't successfull,
i was to messfull,
that why i wrote this,
to give you a promise,
i won't confuse you,
i don't want do lose you.
In honour of Genki,
i'm your Envy.

My God,my god,
It can't be true,
my love, my love,
I'm still like you,
your grace and your beauty compared to your time,
your are like a lime,
your tasty, but sour,
you seem to be a flower,
but what ever i tried,
your not satified.

I'm so happy, i'm glad,
you just lay near me, we lay in a bed,
i didn't hurt, i won't make you cry,
I'm here to help you, i won't say goodbye.

The world is rude, it is so bad,
but your my root, i can't be sad.

If you're with me, i'm always happy,
if you're with me, i can't be sad,
if you would leave me, i would go bad,
if you would leave me, i would end up dead.

I'm crawling and lurking,
hoping that you will see anytime,
you're someone differents somebody,
but i need your feeling near me, 
cause you're what i always had,
me everturning mid, 
that keeps me in this world, 
far away from suffer,
pain and hate, 
you 're what i need to survive the cruelty of tihs world,
your my shield, 
i follow you, 
cause you are the things that would protect me from all bad people of this
if you could,
and you would, 
cause you are my best friend and you give me the palce to your left if i would
ask for it.
That's the reason why i wrote this text, 
i love a person i can't reach,
i can touch her, 
kiss her,
even hug her, 
but i could never be the thing,
that would be her's.
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