Die Gute Seele

Good Evening my Children of the Sun,

Today I give you my opinion on being one of these people called ‚the good folks‘
To take away any possible prejudice,  I count my self among those people of the nightscene/metal-fraction with just a decent portion of education,  such as letting aged people sit or holding open a door for someone behind me (not just women).
But I am also a person that is often referred to as ‚good soul‘ or ‚darling‘.
I may be a bittle lit more selfless than some other guy, but that doesn’t make me a good folk. I am greedy, selfish, a liar, things that I myself take for bad things.  But everybody loves me.

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Eine Antwort zu Die Gute Seele

  1. Dorian schreibt:

    They don’t love you, they love one of your masks. The real you, the liar, stays invisible for them.

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