Humanity is simple. Try it!

Rapid Eye Movement

As is said in my last post while kicking-your-ass-reflecting-your-values, I will tell you some true stories now.

As you can see on my pages, I am an artist that wants to talk with his art directly to peoples heart and mind. I don’t want you to get a special political view, but I want you to reflect your own character. Do you live the way you want yourself to? Do you feel yourself as a „good human“? Can you be proud of yourself? No? But is is so very easy!

Step one: Don’t fear contact. Try humanity. Train stories.


I travel often with trains. You all know these annoying sport-fans, consuming lots of alcohol without any respect for all the other people in the train. One day, we asked them if they want to sit next to each other and all the other sober people changed seats with them…

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